/The Weirdest Things That City Dogs Have Eaten

The Weirdest Things That City Dogs Have Eaten

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Urban sidewalks are a smorgasbord of goodies for dogs in the city — and most of those goodies are serious contraband. Veterinarians in big cities see a lot of patients who used the streets as a buffet. Here are some of the things that city owners have pulled out of their city dogs’ mouths.
Careful — city dogs are prone to eat gross things. Photography ©GlobalP | Getty Images.

“Rat poop, old food, chicken bones. Once she picked up an old piece of gum and started chewing it.” — Kristin Larson of Chicago, Illinois, and Lilac, 7, a Cocker Spaniel-Lab mix
“Millie recently picked up a miniature bottle of Green Apple Vodka. She also found an eaten cob of corn.” — Laura Mandel of New York, New York, and Millie, 1½, a Lab/Boxer/Beagle mix
“Some dog owners don’t pick up after their pooches. Small dogs’ little feces dry up, so you can’t see them. Before I know it, Bernie has ingested them.” — Chris Olmstead of Los Angeles, California, and Bernie, 3, a Boxer
“It’s amazing how many people leave Styrofoam containers of chicken bones around NYC! I didn’t realize how many people were eating chicken!” — Melissa Rosenfield of New York, New York, and Cybile, 2, a Chihuahua- Terrier mix
“Penny ate something a homeless man gave her when I wasn’t paying attention. Half a block from the incident she started vomiting. The emergency vet discovered that she had ingested cocaine. She recovered. The instance happened in less than two seconds, and the outcome could have been a lot worse.” — Melissa Brown of New York, New York, and Penny, 4, a Chihuahua mix
“Ara picked up a fast food wrapper that looked like it had been used as a sick bag.” — Susan Gold of Los Angeles, California, and Ara, 5, a Terrier mix
“Once I took a whole chicken wing bone out of Melo’s mouth. I live above a BBQ spot. He also once went for a bra that was on the ground, but I caught that one ahead of time.” — Cristina Nogueras of Hoboken, New Jersey, and Rico and Melo, 3, Dachshund-Terrier mixes
“My last dog, Flynn, once picked up a small bag of heroin outside of our old apartment. Thankfully we had taught him ‘drop it’ and he listened.” — Liz Black of Jersey City, New Jersey, and Bowser, 3, a Terrier mix, and Peach, 5, a Chihuahua-Spaniel mix

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